Questions Kids Ask

“Mommy, why are we alive if we’re just going to die anyway?” Ella was deep in thought after church on Sunday.


“I mean, really. Why do we even go to school to learn all this stuff if we're just going to die one day? It’s really all just meaningless!” Ella, by the way, is ten years old.


“And why do we try to change the world when we’re all just going to die?”

It was like she was reciting straight from Ecclesiastes. Only one decade old, and she already thinks like King Solomon. We’ve always known she was an old soul, but seriously. This was almost too old.

What do you tell a kid like that?


  1. Just tell her the truth: Additionally 60,000 Americans die of rectal cancer each year.

  2. The love of God.

    God said, "Life is good". Though fallen and fading, there is still good in this life. So we know God loves this world. If we love Him, we'll love for His creations, all of them.

    And this life is not the end! Christ has triumphed over death, it is a defeated enemy. So, "what we do in life echoes for an eternity." God is serious when he says we can store up treasure in heaven. Death does not wipe the slate clean.


  3. To put it another way, you tell her about the love of God and about heaven (the real heaven, not the stupid and boring clouds and harps ideas). I highly recommend N.T. Wright's book "Surprised By Hope" if you want to know about heaven and why life here and now matters eternally.

  4. "i find your ideas interesting and would like to subscribe to your newsletter."

  5. I like Nathan's comments, but I would also add: pray! Pray that God would captivate her--heart, mind, and soul. May deep call to deep in her life, and while she will likely always question, may He be sufficient depth to explore. May He give her joy.

    Your own honest exploration of God's wonders & ways is probably the best guide, even though it feels like it falls short. Pat answers would eventually leave her angry. You could start with something like, "You know, I sometimes think like that."

    I have two deep thinkers. My own daughter recently introduced the subject of suicide to a Sunday morning group of 9-year-olds...

  6. I agree with nathan...another great book is Heaven by Randy Alcorn.

    Tell her that God has a very special project for her to complete in this world, a mission that absolutely no one else can accomplish but her! That He is counting on her to come through for Him and will have a great reward and party for her when she arrives in heaven.

    Also, I suppose the truth is there never was suppose to be death. In God's original plan for the world we lived in the garden with Him together, forever.

    My six year old just asked, "what if all this is just a dream" ah "you know life, what if it's all not really real" I told him, just wait until your old enough to watch the matrix, ha! deep thoughts...

  7. Even though we live and die, during the time that we do live don't you still want to live a good life better than just doing nothing all day waiting for death. I mean we change the world for the other people who are going to live in their own life and we want them to have a good life as other people do for us each day we live.