Jerryd Bayless...The Egyptian Boy King?

With the Blazers a whisker from the NBA playoffs for the first time in a while, I figured it was time for a Blazers post.

I could openly mock Dan Gibson and his Phoenix Suns for failing spectacularly to make playoffs despite having one of the greatest centers in NBA history and a two-time MVP at point guard. But that seems too easy.

A few weeks ago, my dad called me up at work begging me to post about Jerryd Bayless and his uncanny resemblance to King Tut. I must say, I wasn't as enthused about it, but I figured I'd put Bryan Allain's masterful photoshop skills to work just to make dad happy. Maybe it'll get me out of a Father's Day gift.

If you're into the NBA, or The Wire, I suggest visiting the many sites devoted to comparing pro ballers to The Wire characters. I always get a kick out of it, especially Brian Scalabrine being compared to Ronnie Perlman.


  1. The Wire/NBA sites are the coolest thing I've seen since the "Which Character from the Wire Are You?" facebook quiz (Lester, until I cheated so I could be Stringer Bell).

  2. I got Kima on the FB quiz. Karma for the Rhonda/Scalabrine thing I suppose.

  3. Jordan, you left out the part about the Suns losing their top scorer midway through the season, but possibly that slipped your mind.

    On the other hand, I suspect the Blazers will be in the playoffs about a week or so longer than the Suns, so I'm not sure what difference it will make.