More Prognistications Come True!

My record for predicting the future, or at least having really awesome ideas, has been well-documented and irrefutable. And here's one more.

Years ago, I came up with the idea to have an international Summer Olympics, shared between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. In this grand concept, a high-speed train route would be built to link the three major cities of the Pacific Northwest.

Well, Vancouver is holding the 2010 Winter Olympics. And a high-speed train is slated to run between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, BC. So, maybe it wasn't dead on, but give me a break. I can't be right all the time.

Count me as a big fan of this high speed rail proposal.


  1. Very cool! We need more of this kind of stuff everywhere especially in huge, loosely connected metro areas like Washington/Baltimore and Dallas/FW.

  2. Tricia and I took Amtrak from Birmingham to Atlanta two summers ago. The ride was 4 hours, 1 hour longer than the drive would have been, and the B'ham Amtrak station sort of smelled funny.

    That being said, I loved the train ride, and would be all for high speed trains criss-crossing the country.