What are the sites I should see in Portland?

I know there's a lot of Portlanders that visit this blog. I'll be in your fair city for the first time in May. It looks like I'll have a free day to see the sites.I was a bit late booking my flight and have to catch at red-eye back to Pennsylvania. That's unfortunate. The upside is that I have a free day to rest, write, or have an adventure.

So, where should a tourist visit? Hook me up with the sites and the restaurants. Where do you catch a hot band?


  1. Oh man, I don't live in Portland, but spent my summers there and still have family there. It is a great city.

    In a day... I would start at Kennedy School which has amazing food served in a school setting, try the Ruby if you like a nice crisp, refreshing beer. And get tater tots.

    I would go to Powells just cuz, it is amazing.

    The Chinese garden and Chinatown are just really fun. The garden is spendy, but it is worth it to just see the intricate little details and experience some serenity.

    I like the riverfront, there is a great path that goes over one of the bridges, that way, you get to see the bridges, the river, and the waterfront sites.

    I like Ladd's Edition too, a very fun little neighborhood with fantastic rose gardens to walk through at each corner. Also stop at Palio coffee for an afternoon pick me up.

    There are a ton more places... but in a day, you can get through that much, I think.

  2. You only have one day. So what you do depends on what kind of activity you are going for.

    Powells is a must.

    Multnomah Falls if you want a good hike.

    Mt Tabor if you want to have a great view of Portland.

    Pittock Mansion if you want a better view of Portland.

  3. Larry I am currently on Spring Break right now in Portland and am seeing a little bit of everything. I'm blogging about it if you'd like to take a look...


  4. Great suggestions, Sarah.

    This is a commonly asked question, so I think it warrants it's own post, or series of posts. Go ahead and keep making suggestions on here, and I'll put them all into a guide for the blog.

    - Jordan

  5. For restaurants - Tuscany Grill is very good Italian. Elephant Deli is a good hit for something different and casual. Papa Hayden's desserts are famous. I make sure to hit St. Cupcake every time I'm in town. Oh, and Palio Dessert & Espresso House is the perfect cafe - it's lined with bookshelves.

  6. powells is the important one. after that, whatever. doug fir lounge tends to have good concerts. http://www.dougfirlounge.com/

  7. yes. powells powells powells and the doug fir get my vote.