Something I've Been Working On

I'm excited about this. I thought I'd share.

A year ago, Don Miller, Santino Stoner (the writer and director behind Nooma), a descendant of Projekt Sonnenkinder, and myself got together and wrote a short film series. Or television show. Or something.

I haven't been able to talk about it much, and I still generally lean in the direction of keeping my mouth shut since nothing has been finalized, but here's some information about it. It includes a brief clip of the first episode. Nothing you see there is final, and I didn't write any of the words you'll actually hear, but I was in the room! (You can tell by the photo above. I'm the one in the Army shirt, which is fairly typical of almost any photo I take.)

Honestly...and I know I'm biased...it's a great story. I can't tell you how enjoyable it is to sit in a room with minds like Don and Sonny and Dave Wenzel and watch a story unfold, then get refolded, then unfolded again. I hope it's a story that gets told.

In the meantime, marvel at the brilliant work of Dot+Cross! Visit Halogen TV and send them emails saying they'd be insane not to pick up our show! Email your local cable companies and yell, "I WANT HALOGEN!"


  1. AAARRRRGGGHHH! I say that because when I try to view the web page with the clip in either Firefox 3, Safari, or IE 7, the video is off to the right, and there's no horizontal scrollbar, so I can't get over there to see it.

  2. Ok, I figured it out. You have to click those little buttons.

    As a web developer, may I say that this is not the most intuitive setup I have ever seen.

    The clip and description look interesting, though.

  3. Hope this flies, Jordan! And Halogen looks worthy also!

  4. sounds cool, i hope it gets picked up. the clip is cool, but doesn't really give an idea what the show is about at all.