The Baddest Ass Oregonian of All

This morning, I stumbled across an obituary for an Oregonian in a Deadspin comment. This guy is Sully Sullenberger times a million.

Reusser flew 253 combat missions in World War II, Korea and Vietnam and was shot down in all three, five times in all.
Think about that: this guy plummeted from the sky inside a ton of metal five times.

In 1945, while based in Okinawa, he stripped down his F4U-4 Corsair fighter and intercepted a Japanese observation plane at a high altidude. When his guns froze, he flew his fighter into the observation plane, hacking off its tail with his propeller.
I like that the article says "altidude". Maybe that was his nickname?

Then, in the end, in true pastor's kid fashion, Kenneth L. Reusser even thumbed his nose at the words of Jesus. He died of natural causes at the age of 89.

I am going to be honored to be buried in the same cemetery as this guy some day.

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  1. Your sound positively patriotic here, Jordan. ;)