On Cobbling Together a Book Proposal

So last night I was working on a book proposal to send off to an editor before I take off on vacation with the wife and kiddos. I searched through my email accounts looking for the endorsements I collected from various authors. Publishers seems to like that.

I found an email from a certain Don. I did some heavy editing, the kind that you see when you watch movie trailers. I think I have knock out blurb.


Thanks for inviting me to endorse your book... It really sounds fascinating, and certainly worth reading. I have a policy, though, in that I don't endorse books any longer. I was just having to read too many books, and don't like endorsing books I haven't read. I make occasional exceptions, but not that many. Please don't take it personally, it just helpsed my life stay a bit more organized and on track.

But thanks again for the request. And for understanding.

Have a great new year!


I didn't include that email in the proposal. I have ethics. But I did co-author a Million Miles in a Thousand Years according to this link. And hells yeah, this is going in the proposal.


  1. I first laughed at "Hells yeah."

    I then laughed again after I was brilliantly fooled by your website.

    A great way to start my day!

  2. Larry - thanks for the great idea!

    I once got a personal reply from Mister Rogers from a letter I wrote to him as a child. I'll have to dig that up for an endorsement of my next project.

  3. That's funny...I thought that I co-authored the book

    DONALD!!! You've got some 'splaining to do...

  4. Oh Larry...
    I thought your post was great, and the marketing guys over at Don's publishing company should win an award for that web page.

    Unfortunately, in typical Jarrod fashion, I took things just one step too far.

    Instead of picking up on the genius that is your use of the word "apparently", or the phrase "according to" or even the fact that you barely mentioned the prank web page, I went ahead and created an entire back story of my chance meeting with Don, and the friendship that led to me co-authoring his book.

    Then I proceeded to post it on my blog, on facebook, and the comment section of a few blogs I love to read.

    I went on about my business during the day and logged back in a while ago expecting lots of lol's and maybe even some ROFL's.

    As it turns out, all I got was amazing encouragement, enthusiastic support and congratulations from family, friends, and complete strangers! I think only three people out of about sixty actually caught that it was a prank.

    So I've spent the past two hours typing out apologies to everyone, and feeling like a total bastard. An unpublished bastard at that! I'm also feeling like a great big liar (is it really lying if you're trying to sell a prank?).

    Anyways, just thought you should know that you're smart. I was wrong. You were right. You're the best. I'm the worst. You're very good looking. I'm not very attractive.

    I hope someone can laugh at this, 'cause it sure wasn't me or any of my amazingly supportive friends:)

  5. Jarrod, that's awesome in a glad-it-happened-to-you-and-not-me-way.

    Hyatt's website mentioned "controvesery" over the prank site. I don't see controversy. I just see humorless peeps.

  6. Jarrod, I had a similar experience with lesser quantity on my facebook. I agree with Larry - no controversy, just reactionaries without a sense of humor.