And on this Rock I will Build My Basketball Court

This past week I went from Portland to Keokuck, Iowa for a friends wedding. The wedding was nice. My Chinese friend, Jiang, from Shanghai was marrying a white girl, Rachel, from Iowa (I feel that this is proof/hope for world peace). His parents came to the States for the first time. The bridesmaids were looking good wearing traditional Chinese dresses while us guys were just kinda standing there the way groomsmen do at weddings.

After the pictures I had to use the restroom. But the one connected to the sanctuary was being repaired so I was directed to use the building across the way. So I went and when I finished I met two friends standing outside. The conversation goes like this. They both were smirking (I’ll refer to them as FRIEND #1 and FRIEND #2).

FRIEND #1 and FRIEND #2: “Where is the bathroom?”

ME: Pointing back at the building I came from. “It’s over there.”

Now here’s where they start speaking at the same time . . . interrupting each other. They asked me again where it was and before I had a chance to say anything thing they started answering their own question as to where the bathroom was.

FRIEND #1: “The Homeless Shelter?"

FRIEND #2: Nodding his head, “The basketball court?”

FRIEND #1: “The Food Bank?”

FRIEND #2: “The basketball court?”

FRIEND #1: “Medical facilities?“

FRIEND #2: “Basketball court?”

FRIEND #1: “Counseling center.”

FRIEND #2: “Basketball court?”

FRIEND #1: “AIDS Clinic?”

FRIEND #2: “Basketball court?”

I started laughing. As it turned out friend #2 was right. The bathrooms were in the basketball court after all. How the hell did he know? I’m from the Mid-West (Missouri) and so naturally I understand the Churches obsession with gyms and sports-related-evangelism. I think you would be hard pressed to find a newer/growing Church that didn't have one. I mean, it would damn near be sacrilege not to.

The pressing question remains . . . To which basketball-court do you belong?


  1. Unfortunately, the whole sports and church thing always made me feel like I was in gym class. And I was always picked last in gym class.

  2. It's funny, the church down the street from me calls its gym complex (double courts, weight room, running track) "The Rock".

  3. Haha, the one at my old church was called "The Fort."

  4. We would never have built a gym, but bought a larger church building a couple of years ago when we outgrew or other one, and now we have a gym. When Katrina happened, we realized we had a great opportunity to bless disaster victims the next something occurred, so we went through the training and certification process to host a Red Cross shelter.

    A few months ago, we got to put that into practice when Hurricane Ike destroyed several towns near Galveston. We were one of two shelters in our city. It was nice to see how God made it all happen.

  5. Friend #2 sounds REALLY hot.