Open letter to a potential agent

Dear Agent -

My husband and I spent some time throwing around ideas around the other day. Here's one we really like -

A man who wants to be a woman and a woman who wants to be a man connect in the waiting room at the local plastic surgeon's office. After some conversation, they decide to move in together to learn how to be a member of the opposite sex from each other. It's a love story.

We think that there's also real screenplay potential here, with a song and dance number in the plastic surgeon's office. My husband's thinking Abba in the background. I'm thinking Beach Boys. Or Celine Dion. We're open to suggestions. What do you think?


p.s. Do you think CBA would be interested in that? Maybe if the man/woman or the woman/man is Amish...just throwing out ideas.


  1. that actually sounds like a really great idea.

    the basic idea could be really interesting.

    - sean