Reason #2534 Why I Love My Church

I've been on staff at Grace for 12-years and I keep finding new reasons to stay. Reason #2534 of why I love Grace is its growing commitment to the needy. Our Outreach Pastor, Mike, is on the local board of Habitat for Humanity. As a result of Mike's leadership, Grace participated in a three week build of a Habitat house. The foundation was poured and then the clock started. In three weeks churches banded together to build the home from the ground up. Today is day 19. A Sudanese refuge family will be given the keys this Sunday afternoon. I worked alongside the husband last week. He was a doctor in Sudan and is now starting over with a job in social work.

Somewhere in the planning phase, I'm not privy to the details, the Mayor's Office approached Grace about being a partner in ABC's reality show Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The leadership was undeterred by the potential over lap of schedules and agreed to neighbor up.

This morning hundreds of tradesmen, contractors, volunteers, and civic leaders poured into our worship center for a volunteer orientation and pep rally lead by Conrad of Lock and Key, the production company that produces the show. We met a bunch of friends, some who will be building in Jesus name, and some who won't. All that showed up are generous, self-sacrificial people who just love our community.

I love being a part of a church that saw another opportunity to serve and didn't shrink back as we've just finished building a home, thank you.


  1. I love this short in contrast with the one right below it. For better or for worse, when I read the last piece, I pictured an empty space waiting for people to "come." This one really captures the purpose for the church, I think, being a room full of people eager to "go."

  2. jKim,

    I wouldn't be too jaded about the gyms. When done right, a church with a gym provides a place for youth to connect w/ each other, build community, stay out of mischief, and discover Jesus.

  3. I keep having moments of tears as I think about this morning. I am so proud to be part of this place.

  4. Danielle,

    Glad I wasn't the only one to be choked up. BTW: Conrad gave a clinic on how to motive, inspire, and lead a volunteer team.

  5. Churches are a beautiful place when they inspire communities and bring those people to Jesus