Something New Under the Sun

King Solomon taught that there was nothing new under the sun.  But King Solomon has never met my friend Tyler.

Tyler has made something new.  Something that might bring the Christian world to new depths.  He has effortlessly synchronized two conflicting art forms.  And I suspect that our Puritan forefathers would tar-n-feather him for it.  He has taken the ancient, humble and cherished language of prayer and coupled it with Hip -Hop and turntables.  Which is an anathema to some.  I mean the Bible speaks of instruments (Psalms 150) and loin cloth dancing before the Lord (2 Samuel  6) as modes of worship.  But you have never read about this.  Google doesn’t even know about it. You might be comfortable with harps and lyre’s in Heaven but after a ride on this existential -roller-coaster your view of Heaven will expand to incorporate and even come to expect turntables and beat-boxes among the angels.

And Tyler doesn’t take any person praying, no, he blends the words of England’s beloved Bishop N.T. Wright into a wicked and potent beat . . . reeling and scandalous.  Tyler easily proves that N.T. Wright is our hippest theologian.  This is an avant-garde masterpiece.

Plug in speakers or headphones for the best results .


You've heard it here from Burnside first. 


  1. I would totally listen to a playlist of these. (I was going to say CD, but...) It might actually help me have a prayer life, whatever that really means anymore.

  2. aaron you caught me. i'm a fraud.

  3. that's what happens when you doubt king solomon!
    it is very good though, and i would like to hear more.