Why You'll Regret Buying Guitar Hero

If you haven't played Rock Band, or Rock Band 2, you're missing out on one of the sublime gaming experiences this side of gunning down rival gangs in San Andreas.

If you've ever strummed an air guitar, beat a rhythm, or hummed in the shower, you need to get this game. But not yet.

In my opinion, band simulators won't reach their peak until you can play any song in your iTunes collection (technology will get there, I'm sure). But the Rock Band franchise is taking a major step forward on September 9, 2009. If you don't believe me, here's what may be the greatest animated commercial that has ever existed. (For a better look, go here.)


  1. yes! i'm so excited about this game, i think it's going to force me to finally upgrade from my ps2. also, people shouldn't need this to regret buying guitar hero over rock band.

  2. so this is an acceptable post?

  3. Why is that interesting? And who is anonymous?

  4. Anonymous, I've seen some ridiculous blog comments, but your brief, passive-aggressive criticism combined with your anonymity take the cake. So, congratulations I guess. On your ridiculous blog comment award.

  5. I love Rock band! It keeps my drumming skills in tact since I'm not on a worship team anymore :)