Other Gods Before Me....

I am not always myself.

There are times when I am almost good. When I put others' needs first. When I seek God's will, and actually look for opportunities to share His love. I can be caring, giving, loving, and many other New Testament adjectives.

But I'm not always like this, because there are times when I am crazy. Times when I won't let people over in traffic because of their bumper stickers. Times when I make wild judgments about people based on their t-shirts. Times when I say and think things that would appall me were I myself. Times when the needs of others drift to the deepest recesses of my dark mind. This time is called college football season.

This fall I begin work on my second book. It is a look at faith and fanaticism in the Southeastern Conference. I will spend a football weekend with rabid, Christian fans from each of the twelve SEC schools, trying to learn how they balance passion for their team with devotion to their God.

So I'm looking for people. People like me who know the joy of serving others in Christ, but also know the joy of unleashing Old Testament wrath on their rivals. I hope to either learn from them, or learn that I am not alone.

Check out the blog if you will, and if you know of a fan who might be a good fit for my project, please email me at othergodsbeforeme@gmail.com

Thank you, Chad


  1. I read this while wearing a University of Kentucky baseball hat, not unlike the guy in the photo. You and the Holy Spirit need to stay up out of my business. Go Cats! And, uh, Jesus too!

  2. I can only remember one single Kentucky football player: Jared Lorenzen. Because he was the fattest quarterback I'd ever seen.

    So then I looked up Kentucky football, because I knew I had to be missing someone...

    It turns out I didn't. Andre Woodson was the only other name I recognized.

  3. If you mean that you intend to go to a different game in the SEC each week so you can research your book, then you are my hero for finding such an admirable way to justify that! Nicely played, sir.

    With your inspiration, I am now planning a book on how Japanese chefs use their preparations to tell the story of Jesus' life through sushi.

    This will be followed shortly thereafter by an annual travelogue I will call, "Finding God Abroad"...I think I'll start with Bora Bora.

  4. @Jordan: What about 1999 #1 draft pick Tim Couch? UK fans thrive during basketball season and football was a joke until the mid-90's, but we've since had plenty of reason to get excited. And to think I deleted a smart-ass comment about IBU's from your "real men don't reconcile over wussy beer" post.

  5. I'd love to help you out Chad, but I'm a Washington Husky fan. Not only are we on the wrong end of the country, but the overwhelming tide of mediocrity to which we've been subject for about a decade seems to have pretty much neutered us. Short of a resurrection (and they do happen once every few thousand years), the northwest will all go to the library once again this fall.