Rocky Mountain High

Like Dean and Jack decades ago, Dan Gibson and I will be driving to Denver tomorrow. Will we be high on benzedrine? No. Will we be attending the International Christian Retail Show at the Denver Convention Center? Most assuredly. Will we be sampling some of the finest breweries Colorado has to offer? You bet your sweet sassafras.

We'll also be glad-handing, making connections, and generally absorbing the schlockfest that is the Christian retail industry. It should be fun. With massive publishers like Thomas Nelson conspicuously absent, there are rumors 2009's convention may be one of the last. We shall see. I'm also planning an essay recapping the events, so it'll be fun to act as a real life reporter.

If you happen to be attending this convention as well, or have suggestions for where Dan and I should eat or drink in the Mile High City, just state so in the comments or get a hold of me on Facebook. Maybe you can join us for some kolache!



  1. Don't be tasting the brews while driving. Be safe. Don't forget Tattered Covers. Great store.

  2. Jordan,
    Sorry that I will miss you. Hit up Steuben's on 18th, Falling Rock for a brewskie (near Coors Field), and Pasquini's for Pizza, Vine St Pub....the list goes on...

  3. check out vine street Pub on 17th and vine - just ate there again tonight, outstanding beer and food. Sputnik on Broadway for brunch or Hot Cakes @ 18th & Humboldt; ALso, stop by the Great Divide Brewery tap room on 20th.

  4. Go see John Elway and the Broncos play!!

  5. At the 2006 American Association of Christian Counselors convention, my co-author/buddy Ryan presented me with this challenge: see how long you can go without making a cynical comment. I made it 45 minutes. Bet you can't beat that. Feel free to handicap yourself 10 minutes for each beer consumed beforehand. Not that you'd drink before . . .

    Otherwise, knock 'em dead, fellas.

  6. Steve,

    I did not beat that.

    But, to my credit, Josh McDowell was the opening speaker.


  7. I think you mean "Dean and Sal" or "Neal and Jack." If you want to drink where the Beats drank in Denver, try the Colburn Hotel.

  8. @Rachel: Falling Rock was a good call.

    @KR: Wish we had more time to check your recommendations out. I was bummed to miss Great Divide Brewery, but it was closed on Sunday evening, and I ended up finding a bottle of the only beer of theirs I hadn't had (a wood-aged double IPA).

    @Steve: It was far less than 45 minutes. To our credit, the opening speaker was Josh McDowell.

    @Stephanie: Nice catch!