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Relevant Online asked me a few days ago if I could write an article on the best books of 2009 so far. But rather than compile a list that reflected only my own limited tastes, I asked a few regular contributors to the BWC to write a paragraph or two about some of their recent favorites. Head over to the Relevant website and check out the article. Here is what you will find:
  • Dave Zimmerman on "Flickering Pixels," by Shane Hipps
  • Chad Gibbs on "The End is Now," by Rob Stennett
  • Brock Pattison (yes, relation) on "The Unlikely Disciple," by Kevin Roose
  • Bryan Allain on "Pocket Guide to the Apocalypse," by Jason Boyett
  • Tim McGeary on "Angry Conversations with God," by Susan E. Isaacs
  • Dan Gibson on "The End of Overeating," by Dr. David Kessler
  • Bob Ham on "Bicycle Diaries," by David Byrne
  • Sara Sterley on "Shop Class as Soulcraft," by Matthew B. Crawford
Then leave a comment (here or there) with one or two of your own favorites from the first half of 2009. Happy reading.

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  1. yess, i love sharing books! my favorite so far from this year would have to be...the irresistible revolution by shane claiborne