He fought for 7 days...

I don't quite know how to say this and it feels unright (yes, a made up word), to put this on the internet.

But Ryan fought hard for 7 days and today his body just couldn't take it anymore.

Thank you, for those of you who were praying for his recovery. Now, we are asking for prayers on our own behalf. For peace, for understanding, for grace. Please pray for my sister, Dawn, and her children. Today is her son's birthday, Caleb turned 8 today.
Ryan was going to turn 34 in a few weeks. And in October they would have celebrated their 9 year anniversary.

Thank you for your prayers, please continue...


  1. My heart goes out to Dawn and her children. I go to Noordeloos Church and they are missionaries that we support. We will pray that God gives Dawn strength during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing. Lois Gerritsma

  2. Our hearts are also heavy for the families that are going through this difficult time. Ryan's parents attend out church...we are praying for you all.