The Idiot Box: Sometimes You Wanna Go...To NOSTALGIA!

My love of opening credit sequences, especially at HBO, is well-documented (by me), but last night I was reminded of the greatest opening sequence of all-time.

Seriously, I defy you to find one better. Even "Wonder Years" falls short. I mean, isn't this nostalgia at its finest? The imagery captures the show's essence so purely, recalling how each character has, in a sense, always existed. It's difficult to watch, and hear those doo-wops, without a big fat grin breaking out.

(Even without Shelly Long, I feel this rendition is the best, primarily because it includes Frasier, yet still closes with .)

I'm open to other suggestions, though. Paste Magazine has a few, and seems to agree with me.


  1. Jordan,

    I have to take issue. I think "The Wonder Years" is a better opening sequence, especially in terms of nostalgia.

    While the "Cheers" theme song may be more evocative on its own, "The Wonder Years" does a better job merging music with visuals. (Notice that "Paste" is ranking best theme songs, not opening sequences.)

    The "Cheers" opening sequence uses old images to connect the current crowd at the Cheers bar with bartenders and patrons from the past - as if to say, we've always been here, we'll always be here. This is great.

    But "The Wonder Years" opening sequence transports (a lazy word, sorry) the viewer to a specific time (the late sixties and early seventies) and place (suburbia), all the while introducing us to the main characters and the dynamics of their relationships. That is a lot to pack into less than a minute.

    In this particular horse race, "The Wonder Years" wins by a mile.

  2. By the way, Paste's list is suspect from the start. "The Sopranos" theme song is in the high 30s? And the "Dick Van Dyke Show" and "Mary Tyler Moore Show" don't show up at all?