We Love the Lordy

I apologize for posting this video in advance. My friend Tyler found it and sent it to me and I just couldn’t resist. I mean, he has an eye for these things. I know it seems harmless and cute at first but it’s not. Not at all. We both agree that these people are spearheading everything that’s wrong within Christianity.

After watching the video please take my Walker Percy inspired Quiz:

How does a person like your-self respond to a video like this? .

A. You judge it like the good fundamentalist that you are because something this awful deserves a good James Dobson wag of the finger.

B. You laugh your ears off, after all, you’re convinced that you’re watching aliens from another planet. And then you figure that having no ears is the only conceivable way to walk away from these aliens. And at least now with no ears it will never happen again. You won’t have your ears, better yet, you won’t have this music.

C. You hover over a toilet and vomit your stomach out because this is the only response that makes sense to your central nervous system. And then you smile because you know like any good artist that pain and laughter are woven together in the bowels.

D. You sing-along, as it turns out, you find it to be catchy as hell? But you share this joy with no-one. Because as you reckon no-one understands you to begin with. Why would they start now?

E. You get a nudge to write in your own answer because you secretly know yourself as an autonomous human being who dislikes pop quizzes with predetermined answers. You hate to be boxed in more than you hate this music. After all, you have an opinion of your own.


  1. Wow. I could only get through the first two minutes.

  2. Is it me or does he sound alot like Jack Black?

  3. So two people (and maybe more; we're sheep after all, especially the commentors on a given blog) "agree that these people are spearheading everything that's wrong within Christianity." ? Def. of "spearhead": to serve as leader; to be the driving force in a given action.

    A guy with a bad mohawk whose name I'm assuming you don't know is the driving force behind something that makes you uncomfortable because it takes secular elements and attempts to "baptize" them with a religious theme. Not unlike the links here: http://burnsidewriterscollective.blogspot.com/2009/08/currency-of-destruction.html
    or here: http://burnsidewriterscollective.blogspot.com/2009/06/any-mans-death-diminishes-me-because-i.html

    To quote someone I know...and love, "I think churches have a very good understanding of morality. With hawk-eyed perception we distinguish right from wrong, which is, in its own right a very good thing. But here I want to incorporate compassion with our morality, which in the end might change everything but that’s what compassion does . . . it changes things. If you’ve been around the church at all then you know that non-judgmental compassion is delicate work. Few do it well."

    Not sure why judgment has to be passed on something that seems to me to be a modern-day version of David dancing around in his underwear, but to each his own.

  4. My answer is

    e. I didn't care.

    I wouldn't choose to worship that way, but I guess I don't care much if other people do.

    There is so much that is wrong with American Christianity - so many unregenerate places in our individual and collective soul - this doesn't come close to being the worst.

  5. I'm a mix between B and D. Holy Ghost Hodown makes me crack up....but waving socks in the air? Aliens.

  6. It may be valuable to note a few things:
    First, Rick Pino is a quite popular worship leader who tours year round and is looked to for leadership at least within the Assembly of God denomination. Second, the original song, "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" by Dead or Alive is popularly known to be referring to certain (unnamed here) sexual activities.
    Third, why do you need someone to explain out to why this is just wrong?

    And to just note, the previous links you provided that Eric had posted do not take secular elements and attempt to "baptize" them with a religious theme. He seems actually to be pointing out what is ALREADY sacred and filled with spiritual/metaphysical meaning. No need to baptize those and somehow try to make them for "the Lordy."

  7. F. Assemble an elite team of BWCs - Burnside Worship Crashers. Mission? To seek out these brothels, of which there are legion, drop in with ninja-like-christlikeness, open up multiple cans of whup-up and get sideways on this stuff. I'm pretty sure this is exactly what Charlton Heston saw when he came down off the mountain; hordes of Israelites spinning their socks above their heads while a little boy up front let the beat rock.

  8. After CB Small's comment, I should mention my "deep sadness" isn't about thinking this video is "wrong" in any sense.

    I just don't enjoy the music. But I'm sure the scant days in my early 20s when I lead worship and wore a puka shell necklace were at least 30 times more ridiculous.

    I'm glad YouTube wasn't around then.

  9. I've spent a lot of time thinking about this video (aside from the fact that the song got stuck in my head). On my way in to work this morning, two things struck me:

    (1) I felt very embarrassed of that video, knowing that people all over the world can watch it whenever they want. I felt sadness because of its many-tiered indelicacies toward all things reverent, and just a smidge angry because of it all.

    (2) I also felt bad for bashing those people in my heart. While it seems like there a plethora of grievous wrongs crammed into each second of that 10 minute video, I think our approach towards them is backwards as well. Matthew 18:15 puts it nicely: "If a believer does something wrong, go, confront him when the two of you are alone. If he listens to you, you have won back that believer."

    So my suggestion is that anything we have to say to that worship leader, we say to their face, but with love and honesty. I'm pretty sure that if he were standing in front of me right now that I would have kinder words than what I've posted in this comment, and those are the words that he might be able to hear.

  10. "alright everybody, take off your shoes because this is sacred ground... now everybody shake what ya mama gave you!"
    i have no problem with dance as a form of praise, or using secular songs for worship if the original lyrics can lead to a worshipful heart, but this is ridiculous.

  11. CB Small, Rick Pino has 'baptized' fellatio . . . and most certainly Shoshana, I would say that to Rick Pino's face.

    John P, I secretly wish, along with you, that this was the worst thing wrong with the American Church. Hyperbole was my intent.

    Jordan, can we at least see pictures?

    John with no P, did you say Ninjas?

  12. CB -

    I don't get the David comparison. I mean David dance to honor God, inspite of what others thought. This video shows guys "worshipping" in a setting were cameras pan across the crowd in a way that reminds one of a 90's MTV dance party. If their intent is to worship God, why spend all that money on filming the crowd?

    The style (sideburn steps, Right round, holy ghost hoedown,...) is just really poor taste.

  13. Eric, yes, I said "ninjas." I've rewritten the entire NT to suit my needs and the disciples have been revised to be ninjas instead of fishermen...that way when Peter sticks his foot in his mouth, it's not because he's wrong, but because he can. And btw, I appreciate hyperbole. I also like it when you exaggerate.

  14. F. As someone raised in the A/G, I've had plenty of experiences where the room got whipped into a frenzy over - something I missed, often enough. Watching this I was thinking, are they worshiping? Are they just jumping around and getting a little light-headed and feeling good? (Not that they can't both happen at once, but - sometimes the feeling good happens without recognizing our source.)

    Spearheading? I don't think so. More like riding a wave.

    I also picked F because if someone tells me to take off my socks and spin them around over my head, ain't no way I'm going to do it. Especially as worship. So I had to choose F since there wasn't just a "none of the above."

  15. I'm not sure what to think... One thing I do know is that at some point I started smelling dirty socks in the room and it kept wafting into my smeller for quite some time... Ya gott'a warn people before posting something involving spinning dirty socks in the air!

  16. Eric, I agree 100% with your disgust with that video and all that it represents, even if you only intended it to be a hyperbole. I can imagine Jesus walking into that scenario and toppling cameras, speakers, the drum set, and then making people leave. I don't know if that would be the case; maybe I just have an overactive imagination.

    My comments about speaking to a person in love who has done wrong are firstly directed at myself, because it's easy to see a video like that and let anger grow and then breed hate towards that person and even that group of people for their ignorance and the way they defiled the word "worship" for 10 minutes. I have felt like that towards that style of Christianity for a long time, and the only thing that comes from it are hate, bitterness, and cynicism. I've just decided that I don't want to be that way anymore, no matter how right I am about how screwed up someone's faith is. I guess I was just trying to convey what I've personally discovered for myself. It takes a lot of energy to be angry - even if it's a righteous anger - so I've decided to challenge myself to use that energy to love people, and let God deal with the wackos.

    In any case, I truly appreciate the blog post and the discussion! It has given me something to chew on all day :) Thanks!

  17. Perhaps it's a bit shallow, but my first response to the video was, "For crying out loud, it must have smelled AWFUL in there!" I mean seriously, wave your socks in the air? That just seems unsanitary.
    It all seemed quite irreverent. I agree with the comparison to an MTV dance video. Sick.

  18. Sometimes I think we are far too judgmental with our brothers and sisters. I can be downright cynical and condescending. I need to show much more compassion. However (saw that coming, didn't you?), I think there's a difference between being judgmental and expecting better from the church. I don't think you can make a right-or-wrong theological point about this, but it's pathetic from an artistic perspective. . And I don't mean just bad taste -- the performance and creativity just suck. I expect more than this from my Church. It's fine if something doesn't suit my taste, but the world, not to mention God, deserves better from us. Too many people settle for total crap as long as the name of Jesus is stamped on the side.

  19. Speaking of bad taste:


  20. I'm with several people here. You know who you are.

    Seriously, it may be tasteless, but they seemed to have a desire to honor God, whereas one can find many more examples within the American Church of people honoring themselves or other people before God.

    For the record, I don't like that song in its original form, let alone in this video. I would never incorporate it into worship if I had a chance. However, just because something originally refers to something sexual is not a reason to scrap the term altogether. Or, if you do throw it out for that reason, then be consistent and not use the term "dating" (in the late 1800's, it meant to pick up a prostitute), and "luck" (named after a mythical goddess also named Fortuna, which means you shouldn't use the word fortunate). Don't say something sucks or that it blows, and I'm not gonna explain those. Don't sing Amazing Grace or many other hymns, because they were words attached to melodies from drinking songs. And don't get me started about Christmas trees or Easter.

    Although I want nothing to do with the worship style presented in this video, I am more bothered by the idea of having an air of superiority toward them than anything they are actually doing.

  21. I'm pretty sure I'd have left if I'd been there - right around the time the shoes came off. That said, Can we be sure God didn't use that experience - if even in one soul - for His purpose? I mean, of course most of us following Burnside aren't going to choose to worship in that way. We're more thoughtful, more cerebral, more cultured, insert adjective here. But let's face it: most of America has pretty poor taste. Within the church and without. Look at the top 40 or the top grossing films and best rated TV shows. The point is, why can't God come to all people where they are? Just because it's not for you doesn't mean it can't be for someone else.
    This has been a hard lesson for me over the last several years. There are things in the Christian "subculture" that drive me nuts. But I've come to see them as just that - cultural. Nothing more nothing less.

  22. Watching this made me feel dirty. Not because of the secular song or the smelly feet, but because it took reverent, personal relationships with a great God and spun it as entertainment for anyone and their mother's goldfish to watch. I have no authority to judge these people's hearts. In fact, I dearly hope the intent was pure and God filled them with every good thing. I say that now, yet my first reaction was to punch someone in the face. Why is my reaction so violent? Is it because I don't want to be identified with this? If that's the case, why not? What hope does the church have for coming together when our gut reactions are so critical toward each other?

    Also, does anyone here know what the purpose is for videotaping worship? This frenzied scene seems like an odd face to show the non-Christian world, which is already hypercritical of this foreign faith. There's no reason to hide unabashed love, but I'm not convinced publicizing it on YouTube is entirely appropriate either...

  23. Sorry to comment so late. I had a case of the appendicitis and just got home today after a few days at the hospital.

    Eric, you'll have to explain your comment to me. I missed the blowjob part of the song. I was too busy getting my socks off of my feet. And your comment to Shoshana, that you would "most certainly" say that to Rick Pino's (I guess that's his name. I learned something not noteworthy today); well, then certainly say it to his face, instead of bitching about him on some small blog that maybe 100 people read, and 1 of them certainly not being Rick Pino. I can't pick through your hyperbole, but I believe Jesus was telling the truth when he said, "out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." So some of what you said is true. And if Rick Pino is spearheading everything wrong with Christianity (again, hyperbole or Matthew 12:24?), then it's your job, according to Matthew 18, not to complain behind his back and mock his methods, but to grow a pair and get in contact with him.

    And I'm sorry to have messed with the "sacred" police, officers Eric and Tyler. I know you Eric, obviously, but Tyler, I don't, until my wife realized you were the person who turned Eric onto this video. That makes things make a little more sense. My fault for not realizing the sacredness of songs by Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson. So, is the Bob Dylan song, "Masters of War" still sacred even though he sings "Even Jesus would never forgive what you do"? That must not be the spiritual sacredness, but the metaphysical sacredness you speak of.

    And the David comment, I said "it seems to me." It might not seem to you, and it might be lessened by the video cameras, but that was my first impression, acting a fool for God ("Acting a fool" by Ludacris, so is that sacred? I'll have to check with the po-po.)

    And James...I think we'd get along just fine.