Relevant Magazine asked a few Burnside writers for short reflections on 9/11.

You can read those here.

We didn't have a ton of room, but I do want to mention how writing about 9/11 feels vaguely self-absorbed. I mean, think that day changed everyone on some level, but writing on how my thoughts about the world, politics, and war began to shift seem to pale in comparison to people who suffered directly, before and since.

(It's also a shame Susan Isaacs' memories weren't posted...she didn't have time to write a piece, but her story is in her book, and it's crazy.)


  1. You can read Susan's essay "My Own Private September 11" over at Fresh Yarn:

    Susan's Essay

  2. My life is different since that day, for a good reason: I became a dad that morning. I mention that not to try to minimize the devastating effect it had on the victims and the ones they left behind. Just saying that God made sure some good things happened that day. Like any other day, the verse "This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it" applies to 9/11/01.

    Here's something that appeared on the first anniversary. It features a pic of my family and something I wrote: http://middletree.net/911.pdf

  3. I commented on the Relevant site. Thanks for this, I think things like this are the best way to remember 9/11, as opposed to the media's tendency to exploit the tragedy.

  4. @James:

    That is beautiful. I'm so thankful you have such wonderful memories to go with the bad. I mean, that's what the world is, and I think God let you experience it in an amazing way.

  5. @Emily:

    I saw your comment...thanks for supporting us on there!