About That Social Justice Joke I Made...

Yesterday, in a post about American Giant sweatshirts, I mentioned buying local as my last priority in clothes buying. It matters, I said, but "If I can order a better product from halfway around the world, I'll do it, social justice be damned. (Sorry.)"

HAHAHA!!! Funny joke, right?

Well, I wrote that before I had wrapped my mind around the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh. And then last night I read the death toll had reached 1,050. 1,050.

I'm not beating my breast over a stupid joke. I make stupid jokes a lot, and I'm not going to live life wallowed in perpetual shame over all the dumb things I say. I hardly ever buy clothes anyway, so while I'm part of the problem, my role is pretty miniscule in the grand scheme of things. But I am part of the problem.

1,050 human beings. Holy shit. I'll be making more conscious purchasing decisions, though it should be mentioned American Giant is the sort of company that is fighting this sort of bargain basement overseas manufacturing.

(There was a shred of good news as one survivor was found in the rubble. She survived by breathing through a metal pipe and eating biscuits scavenged from the bodies around her.)

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