And We're Back

Nearly four years ago, we abandoned this blog in favor of a shiny new site.

Unfortunately, that new site was not conducive to the tone we'd built on this blog. A blog allows for short, pithy posts. A web magazine infers longer pieces. And while Burnside's main site allowed for short posts, they weren't showcased well. The blog component of the site went by the wayside.

The Burnside Blog was the most fun I've had writing, and I missed what we lost. It was a mistake to abandon the blog.

A few days ago, I stopped by the blog and started reading. It was all there, just as we'd left it, even the Choose Your Own Destiny story by Chad Gibbs that I'd painstakingly laid out like Easter eggs across the site's back end.

And then I realized something: we could go back. We could post on this blog, just as we had before. We could bring back interested writers to their old haunt, even if many of them had moved on to other venues and projects. We could bring new writers in. We could make tweaks, because Lord knows we're different people than we were four years ago. Life doesn't offer many chances for do-overs, but this was almost too simple.

I'm sure it won't be the same. I think it will be better. If not, just read the old stuff.

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