Bitcoin: Satan’s Currency? Plus Doritos Tacos & the Best Review of a Vegan Strip Club You'll Ever Hear

(NOTE: I've been recording a weekly podcast with writer Christian Piatt and his wife, Reverend Amy Piatt. The podcast is linked to Homebrewed Christianity, a wildly entertaining theology podcast. Our show focuses more on pop culture. I'll be posting links to the weekly podcast here. You can subscribe to Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast on iTunes, Stitcher, and most anywhere else where you can subscribe to podcasts.)
On this week's Homebrewed Christianity CultureCast...
Is Bitcoin the one-world currency mentioned in the Book of Revelation? Are vegan strip clubs as good as advertised? Are Doritos Locos Tacos delicious? Is Amy Piatt having a bad week?
This is a different show than we’ve ever done. For one, we recorded outside. For two, I mostly edited the episode, which is why this show took so damn long to get out. It was a learning process.
Our guest is Christian’s grade school friend, professional hacker Mike Collins. He's here to tell us about BitCoin, an entirely online currency that was just made up by a bunch of dudes. We also discuss a whole lot of other stuff, including where progressive Christian thought is headed and if it’s at all relevant in a world where the center of Christianity is shifting toward the Eastern and Southern Hemispheres. This somehow devolved into me imagining a sci-fi scenario where there’s a statue of Christian Piatt in Tiananmen Square 140 years into the future. Oh, and we talk about Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, which we are fans of.
I say this every once in a while, but this is one of my favorite episodes.


  1. I'm halfway through the podcast. Bitcoin is intriguing. If I wrote political thrillers, I'd be all over this.

  2. Maybe you SHOULD write a political thriller, Larry. It could be a globe-spanning pre-apocalyptic trilogy where Bitcoin threatens to dominate the globe as the first completely fiat currency.

    1. Only if Nicolas Cage agrees to star in the movie.

  3. Of course he'd star in the movie. Those are the only kinds of flicks in which he appears these days.