Let Them Eat Cake

Last week, we mentioned the two Oregon bakers who have refused to bake wedding cakes for gay couples. Well, Willamette Week (Portland's best and funniest alt weekly, which is an undebatable fact), with a bit of consulting from yours truly, wanted to see what cakes the two bakeries would make.
So last week five WW reporters called these two bakeries anonymously to get price quotes for other occasions frowned upon by some Christians. Surprisingly, the people who answered the phone at each bakery were quite willing to provide baked goods for celebrations of divorces, unmarried parents, stem-cell research, non-kosher barbecues and pagan solstice parties.
The article is now blowing up on Reddit.

Fleur Bakery in Hood River stopped responding after divorce and unmarried parents. Sweet Cakes By Melissa in Gresham was willing to bake everything, which I suppose they should be applauded for, but it's just cakes, so maybe not.

The most clear-cut case of hypocrisy here was the willingness to bake for a divorce celebration. Shellfish consumption is a non-issue for the vast majority of Christians, babies born out of wedlock aren't as big of an issue as you'd expect, and stem cell research is linked to abortion rather than gay marriage (though it's not crazy to expect someone who is anti-gay marriage to be pro-life, it's also not 100% guaranteed). Also, to her credit, Pam Regentin seems to have sniffed out the plot after the first two calls, probably due to the fact her phone was shrieking with angry people. Still, the reactions of the bakers to such moral dilemmas was not the least bit surprising. Gays? Icky. Divorce, a subject which is actually addressed at length by Jesus? TOTALLY COOL.


  1. I'm tired of people getting worked up over cakes. Frankly, i think the stunt sounds pretty transparent and annoying. Now, the reporters are joining in the jerk-behavior as well...

  2. This is really, really funny. Love it.