Muslims: The Boogeymen Man Of Christian Fiction?

I recently taught the Muslim, Christians, and Jesus course with my friend Rachel. One of the many strengths of the class was how it caused me to empathize with how difficult it would be to be Muslim in the West and endure the isolation caused by all of our fear and stereotypes.

This got me wondering if Christian media doesn't foster this stereotypes, so I sat down and began searching for examples of how Christian novels portray Muslims and Islam. Not surprisingly, the spectrum runs from "The Anti-Christ is Muslim" to "Muslims want to blow things up and force me into an arranged marriage."

That's it.

There's no average Abid, working long hours at the steel mill to support his family. No sympathetic explorations of non-radicalized Islam. This is odd, because Jesus, the author of our faith, was an author who dabbled in fiction. And once he told a short story that made a quasi-foreigner and a theological misfit the hero.

If you want toread more, scoot over here.

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