Speaking of Surreal Podcast Interviews...

Jordan's post of the Pete Holmes/Rob Bell interview made me feel like this would be equally worth mentioning. If you thought that was weird and interesting, you might want to hear this conversation between MxPx's (they're still around!) Mike Herrera and legendary Seattle DJ Marco Collins.

Among other things, Herrera interviews Collins about being gay and in 12-step programs -- if you grew up listening to him on 107.7 the End in Seattle, both of these are kind of surprising -- and Collins spends a good portion of the first half of the podcast begging Herrera to talk about religion, because, as it turns out Herrera told Collins recently on another show that he's "not sure if he believes in God." They talk about this for about 20 minutes toward the end.

I follow these kinds of stories not so much because I want to hear these debates about whether or not people believe in God, or why they started or stopped believing something (that can sometimes be interesting, though I think I kind of agree with T.M. Luhrmann that "Belief is the least part of faith"), but because of the social angle on all this: as Collins points out, MxPx was for a long time the face of Christian rock. What interests me the most is how people from those bands leave that role, what they decide to do next, and how their fans react. (Plus, Collins is just good radio; he says things like "that's friggin awesome, dude" and he means it.)

So if you want to hear some talk about that, and also listen to the guy from MxPx say the f-word and talk about smoking weed: go for it.

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