The Best of YouTube: cdza

These people.
The other night I stayed up embarrassingly late watching YouTube videos. I don't normally share this type of information (because it happens far too often than it should), but today I must.

Have you stumbled across cdza yet? Let me introduce you to the best thing on the internet. Cdza is a musical collective that makes weird music video experiments. So far they have 22 videos up on their YouTube channel, and I have watched every one of them.

In addition to being stupidly talented (we're talking Broadway talented, here), the members of cdza are funny. Every video made me chuckle, clap or squeal with delight (I really get into my YouTube viewing, ok?). They're fans of silly outfits, uncomfortably long silences and Jurassic Park. They really really like Jurassic Park.

I was going to share my favourite with you, but I can't pick. They're all so good. Start with Epic Key Changes, then go to City Streets, Famous Musicians, to get an idea of who they are and what they do. Then check out the Ringtone Medley, Pianists in Paris and Aces of Bass to be stunned with musical talent. Then watch History of Wooing Men and History of Wooing Women to feel really awful about current pop music. And check out the whistling guy. And the girl who doesn't sing any lyrics.


Just go spend a few hours watching them. Trust me.

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