This Is What Privileged Means

Guys, S'up. If you're like me, you get a little tired of hearing how easy your life is and how privileged you are ad nauseum. Hey, we're scratching and clawing out a living just like anyone else, right?

When I have moments like those, I turn to social media for enlightenment.

Just this week alone, I've had enough reminders that maybe, just maybe, my life is relatively easy. I follow several anti-trafficking sites like The Defenders. Their most effective campaign? "Real Men Don't Buy Women." The next round will be "Real Men Don't Buy Children." This is a cause that rightfully seeks to fight human trafficking by attacking a major source of demand: men. So, the noblest thing we can do in the effort is to stop buying people for sex. And if you have a chance, hold up a sign discouraging other men from buying people. Someone else can snap the picture for you. Maybe your wife or girlfriend. I don't know about you, but I never had to worry about someone buying me for sex. And I hate to brag, but I'm a pretty good-looking dude.

In case I wasn't already convinced of my life's relative ease after that, other stories started cropping up this week. There was Amanda Berry, the Cleveland woman who escaped her kidnapper with two other women after a decade of imprisonment. Along with Elizabeth Smart, they've been all over the news and remind us of just how dangerous and ugly this world can be. And how do we respond in the midst of outrages like this? By shaming women with awful analogies about chewing gum or roses. Elizabeth Smart is doing her best to heal wounds she and countless others have suffered at the hands of abusive men, and some of my male friends are more intent on defending abstinence education. Maybe the Defenders campaign is right, maybe men should just do (and say) nothing. Or wait, and when the time comes, open a door and use the phone.

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