Boom! The Real IRS Scandal is the NFL is Registered as a Non-Profit

There's a been slew of attention focused on whether or not President Obama had knowledge the IRS targeted individuals with Tea Party affiliation. I don't have any opinion on this matter, other than to say I'll be disappointed if Obama was aware of the shenanigans because I believed, and cling to believing our president to be an ethical and honorable man. My politics kept me from voting for him, but I wanted to, since my party is currently filled with the political equivalents of the bearded lady, the sword-swallower and other carnies. This is another matter altogether.

Regardless of how this curent IRS pans out, Yahoo! Sports broke another tax scandal that eclipses it by revealing the NFL is a registered 506 (c) (6).

So when you ask, "Which one of these things is not like the other?: The Red Cross, The Humane Society, Amnesty International, The NFL, World Vision, and The One Campaign, the correct answer is "It's all peas and carrots in here."

So each year, when the 32 franchises pay their multi-million dollar dues to belong in the NFL, that's charitable giving. That's 32 corporate versions of Mother Theresa spread out all over the country, serving the common good.

By extension, this means we should all be writing off our jersey purchases, our NFL ticket subscriptions, and  season tickets. How many years back can we amend our taxes? Anyone?

Did I mention the NFL brings in $10 Billion of revenue annually?

One way, the league keeps profits off the books is to pay their executives very well:

In 2012 alone, the league paid approximately $53.8 million to its big -ticket execs, including $11.6 million to Commissioner Roger Goodell and $8.5 million to former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who replaced Rozelle in 1989 and ran the league until Goodell replaced him in 2006. In 2011, Goodell received a $22.3 million bonus after negotiating several enormously lucrative extensions with the television networks that provide the predominant percentage of the league's revenues. 
I'm a pastor and am painfully aware of the recurring proposal that churches should be stripped of their not-for-profit status. The next time the topic comes up I hope MNF is on in the background.

You can read the Yahoo! Sport's article for yourself here.


  1. Although I see your overall point about the NFL, I take issue with your headline. The scandal that's in the news, regarding certain organizations being targeted because of their politics, is a real scandal. It'd be a real scandal regardless of which party was being targeted. And regardless of which party is behind the targeting.

    1. I agree with you AND it's humor, James.

    2. Really? I didn't see that this was a humorous piece. I thought you were totally serious. Ah well.