Know Your Audience

"Don't sell your hair to a wig shop" almost worked for me.
The AV Club earned my respect and envy by briefly reviewing commercials and evaluating their effectiveness.  I always wanted to write something like that, as someone who has simultaneously been entertained and perplexed by commercials my whole life. My favorites have always been funny ones that do nothing to sell the product. This is still prevalent in advertising, but I think in the wider scope of things they get the number one rule of communication right: they know their audience. Laypeople taking to social media could learn from this.

Take this video, for example. I'm all for compassion and meaningful immigration reform, and I think the concept behind the video can be a powerful one. But the choice of main character (/narrator?) begs the question: who is this video trying to convince? Is there a surplus of conservative Justin Bieber fans I'm unaware of? Are teenage girls more susceptible to the wiles of Objectivism than the rest of us? It couldn't hurt to have at least one old white guy in the background, right?

Contrast this to people who get it at online college. It identifies the problem-texting being a detriment to grammar- explains why it matters, and points towards a solution. The last part is debatable, but being aware this is a big deal can make major headway towards a solution. Note the medium to the message. Someone did their homework, researched what people who text and spend too much time online like, and found the perfect prophets for these hard truths. Cats. Know your audience.

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