Let's Laugh at Oregon City Nicknames!

Some towns get their nicknames and mottos naturally. Some are the result of sophisticated marketing efforts. Some capture a town's ethos, and some are utter horseshit. I found this list of Oregon city nicknames the other day, and I thought I'd discuss some of the standouts:

Most Audacious: Albany - Grass Seed Capital of the World.

Most Adorable: Amity - Where Friendship Begins.

Most Likely to Have Been Authored By Someone's Cousin Who Worked in Marketing at Some Point: Dayton - Rich In History...Envisioning Our Future.

Most Misleading Because Lebanon Sucks: Lebanon - It's Easier From Here.

Most Confusing: North Plains - City to the Sunset.

Coolest Name With Worst Sign: Ontario - Where Oregon Begins. (See photo above.)

Best: Portland - Rose City/Rip City/Stumptown

Most Boring Lack of Nickname: Boring

Most Self-Aware: Phoenix - The Other Phoenix. 

Most Dubious: Springfield - Proud History, Bright Future. (For context, these are things Springfield is best known for: 1) A school shooting; 2) Maybe inspiring the Springfield in The Simpsons; 3) Ken Kesey lived there.)

Most Likely to Double as the Name of a Zydeco Band: Milton-Freewater - Muddy Frogwater Country

Most Likely to Elicit the Question, "Does it, though?": Talent - Our name speaks for itself.

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