Would You Like Pop With Your Caramel Syrup-Drizzled Pecans?

When I was growing up, we called it pop. Then I met my wife, a Californian, and I started calling it soda. I am ashamed to have left my linguistic roots, but "soda" is a better, more aesthetically pleasing words. According to these maps over at Business Insider, Portland is on the border between "soda" and "pop", and I'm just one more domino in the encroaching Californication of the entire world.

It's no secret Americans talk differently. We have a big country with many regions and we are theoretically a melting pot. (Or a stew? I think that's what my high school history teacher told me.) Anyway, those maps are really fun to look at.

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  1. I was a little bit all over the place when my wife and I looked at that page the other day. This makes sense because I've kind of lived all over the place. But I mostly talk like I'm from N.Y. Soda!