A List for Those Hoping to Ruin Thanksgiving Dinner

Wikipedia recently released their list of the top ten most controversial topics on their site, and there were some surprises. Shoot, Jesus and Christianity barely made the cut. Take notes so you can lob one of these topical grenades onto an otherwise peaceful holiday meal.Who knows, you might bring the festivities to close so you can catch the second-half  of that football game.

1. "W"
That's right. The single most polarizing topic on Wikipedia is the legacy of George W. Bush. To pull the pin on this topic simply open with "George W. Bush is the single worst president in history" or wonder aloud if there is room on Mount Rushmore for his bust. One opening is as effective as the other.

2. Anarchism: 
Really? Anarchism. Apparently the modern anarchist has forsaken the time tested molotov cocktail in exchange for the validation only a wiki can provide.

3. Muhammed.
South Park's Parker and Stone can shed light here.

4. The WWE Personnel Roster
What? Who is helping all the professional wrestling fans log-in?

5. Global Warming
If you can't fund a study to debunk the studies proving global warming, simply out edit your opponents.

6. Circumcision
There's a small group of anti-circumcision folk, and we're talking male circumcision, who've taken their editorial scalpels to Wikipedia like veteran mohels.

7. The United States 
The USA: Love it or edit the hell out of it.

8. Jesus
The Son of God is less controversial than the names of men who fake wrestle. Yes, we are in a post-Christian society.

9. Race and Intelligence
Because flying a confederate flag is so passe.

10. Christianity
When the Apostle John wrote about battle of Armageddon, it was a first century cipher describing the dueling edits between the Gospel Coalition and the Emergent Church on Wikipedia. Orthodoxy will be won or lost in the footnotes.

So again, should you be in the need to create a commotion that provides opportunity for escape, any one of these should do. If those don't work, debate Tebow's merits as a QB.

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