Forget DOMA. This Case Means Everything

This could soon read "I exist in the state of being the walrus".

I know people on both sides of the ideological fence are pretty riled up about DOMA and Democratic senator Wendy Davis' Texas filibuster, but let's not get so distracted we let other important decisions fall through the cracks. Some judge will soon bear the weight on his or her (but probably his) shoulders of deciding who owns the phrase I am. Yes, people are suing for ownership of pronouns and helping verbs now. Your average citizen and schoolteacher could be required to pay royalties for licensed use of the common phrase in the near future.  And more than that, there's something about owning that particular combination of words that sounds kind of powerful.

But maybe it's not too bad. After all, I considered as a joke intentionally avoiding using the phrase in writing this post, but it turns out there was no need. So maybe we'll be okay. "Be" will still be safe to use, right?

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