Meanwhile, Back at Abu Graib

I hear tales there's a new heir to the throne in England. And while I'm not personally connecting with the
hubbub emotionally, I've lived long enough to know that it's a real thing. Not real in the sense that it matters. The monarchy isn't "real", at least not in the sense that it's governing a British Empire, or even its host island. But it's real in the sense that it's a state-sponsored fairy tale, like if the U.S. government sponsored the Tea Cup ride at Disneyworld.

I'm content to let the Royal-watchers be.They're harmless: Like Trekkies or Dr. Who fans. It's not like my fantasy football hobby enculturates me by any means.  But I have to wonder if our collective eye was been on the wrong ball this week.

While the world watch to see if the prince would spit up on camera, Al Qeada successfully broke into the infamous Abu Graib prison and released at least 250 militants (Al Qeada takes attendance like Baptists and counted 500 freed fighters).

Ab Graib, as we all remember, was the setting for the torture and abuse which some of our guards perpetrated against the prisoners. The prison became a symbol of the evils of their Western oppressors. So this prison break has potential to create a new powerful narrative which Al Qeada can leverage in their recruiting. This in the context of the U.S. withdrawing from the Iraq.

This week, the prince captured the headlines. Unfortunately, the prison break has greater potential to generate more headlines down the road.

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