The Best of YouTube: Kid Snippets

I really hope you’ve stumbled across these gems recently. Kid Snippets videos are quickly becoming my favourite things to ever hit YouTube. I say that all the time, but this time I really mean it.

The Kid Snippets concept is simple: record children talking about a topic or telling a story, and then have adults act out what they say. The results are brilliant and tummy ache-ingly adorable.

Young children don’t often understand sarcasm, comedy or how to not poop themselves, thus making them the perfect candidates to make absurd videos to put on the Internet. They say what first comes to their mind, and most of the time it makes no sense. And they’re really lispy. Kids are funny in their own right, but the true brilliance of these videos lies not in what the children are saying, but in how utterly ridiculous the adults look doing the same things.

My favourite of the bunch is Math Class, wherein the kids display how terrible us teachers really are at trying to get a point across.

Then there’s the one about pre-wedding jitters.

Guys, I wouldn’t want to marry a fat derpy guy either!  

I love Kid Snippets because they’re a celebration of childhood. They make me wish I was still a kid in all my naivety, ignorance, and absurdity. Also, they talk about donuts a lot.


  1. I could waste an entire day watching those. But it wouldn't be a real waste, would it, since they're awesome?!
    The trip to Mexico one is pretty great, too.

  2. The proposal one is the best!